To Kill Marxism in America We Need to Empower the States

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There can be no doubt that Marxism is on the move in the United States. Those who have been paying attention to history understand that its introduction into our culture started at the turn of the 20th Century and has encroached into our society incrementally ever since.

When the Framers created the Republic – through the codification of the US Constitution and soon after the Bill of Rights, they understood that the documents were created to put the newly created government on notice that it had limitations and boundaries; that it was not the lord of the people, rather the people were the lords of government.


To that end, the tenets and principles that were codified in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – among them the rights to free speech, the practice of religion, the redress of government, the right to bear arms, the right to be secure in our persons and possessions, among the other enumerated rights, were assumed to be a omnipresent constant in our society; that we, as a people, lived those rights every second of the day.

But 232 years on, our rights are not so assumed. The federal government has overreached to a point where it is tantamount to despotic and bureaucratic, devoid of true representation of its people.

Under the Wilson administration (coincidentally the exact moment that the influence of the Frankfort School took root in America), we lost a basic protection that was built into our Republic. While the US House of Representatives was meant to be the chamber where the direct representation of the people was executed at the federal level, the US Senate was supposed to be the chamber where each of the 50 states were represented, not the people of those states directly, but the governments of those states specifically.

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