Top 5 questions to ask your Hawaii Home Builder

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HOTM315So you are ready to embark on a home improvement project or even build a new home. Now it’s time to sit down with your builder and have a conversation.

Assuming you have done a thorough check into your builder’s credentials, required licenses, insurance and references, there are a few other questions to ensure a smooth process.

  1. Other than your project, how many others will your builder be working on?
  2. Will their subcontractors be insured?
  3. How do they handle additional costs on the job?
  4. Are they eco-friendly?
  5. Will they provide you with a contract?

Why is this important?

Depending on how many employees your contractor has working for him or her, your project may take longer than desired. If you know ahead of time that your builder’s time will be split amongst other projects, you can work that timing into your contract and specify days to be on property.

Insured subcontractors mean fewer hassles. In the off chance that a mistake happens on the job, insurance helps to compensate you if there is financial loss caused by a goof-up on the part of the subcontractor.

You should already have an idea of what you want in mind. Websites like can help you find ideas and organize them in folders for an easy sharable format. Then it’s time to have a frank discussion with your builder so you can be prepared with how they will handle things that come up unexpectedly.

An eco-friendly home is not only easier on the environment; it is ultimately lighter on the bills as well. An Energy efficient home costs considerably less to run although there is an initial investment to put the more environmentally friendly plan in place.

One of the most popular trends in eco-friendly building is water efficiency such as showerheads, bathroom fixtures, grey water systems and plumbing.

Another important thing to ask is if they are a design build contractor.  They are full service and different than getting a general contractor.

There are numerous laws relating to general contractors and contracts and we suggest you refer to legal counsel if looking for specific answers.  Generally however, a contract is a written document between you and your builder that is crucial in settling disputes that arise. Do your research so that you are not solely relying on someone else to do what is best for your future.

Working with your builder and having conversations that are clear, direct, and leave no room for mistakes will ensure you and your builder have a long-term and successful relationship.

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