Top Aide Leaving Abercrombie Adminstration

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Jim Boersema, communications director for Gov. Neil Abercrombie, will step down at the

Jim Boersema (Unity House Inc.)

end of the month to return to private sector work.


Boersema took the job last year when the Abercrombie administration had been roiled by the resignations of several high-level aides to the governor.

“I said I would take the job for a year and see what I could do to help turn things around,” Boersema said.

“It’s been a year now, things have settled, and I have plenty of other things to do,” he said.

Boersema is board chairman and secretary of Unity House, Inc., a $20-million non-profit that provides benefits and stages events for members of the Teamsters and Hotel-Restaurant workers unions here.

Unity House has been in federal bankruptcy reorganization proceedings for more than a year but is due to be discharged soon, said Boersema.