Torres Sentenced for 1992 Murder of Navy Exchange Cashier

Jenaro Torres
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Jenaro Torres

Jenaro Torres, who law enforcement maintains is responsible for the killing and disappearance of Navy Exchange Cashier Ruben Gallegos in 1992, has pled no contest to the offense of Assault in the First Degree, and will be sentenced to 10 years in prison, according to Attorney General David Louie.

Torres was initially indicted for Murder in the Second Degree.  Law enforcement had additional challenges in closing the case because Gallegos’ body has never been found.  
Pursuant to the plea agreement, Torres was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, the maximum sentence allowable under law for the offense of Assault in the First Degree.   He already has been incarcerated since 2006. 
Torres was also sentenced to a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years for using a revolver in the commission of the assault. 

Louie said the plea agreement was reasonable in light of the fact the offense occurred in 1992 and three material witnesses are now deceased.

The family supported the plea agreement, Louie said, and continues to be hopeful that Torres might someday disclose the location of Ruben’s remains so that he can be given an appropriate burial in Texas.






  1. Well it took them long enough. I never understand why these things take so long. Oh well….at least justice has finally been done.

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