Traffic Accidents Killing Police Officers Show Need for Legislation

Kirk Caldwell
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BY KIRK CALDWELL – I believe that as a community we should support the passage of House Bill 2070, requiring motorists to move over at least one lane and get out of any lane occupied by a police, fire, or emergency response vehicle.

I urge my former colleagues to pass this bill. I would also ask that consideration be given to road maintenance workers and construction crews, who also expose their lives to speeding vehicles along our roadways. Saving one life is more precious than saving a few minutes. We all need to slow down and do the right thing.
Kirk Caldwell is a candidate for Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu






  1. You think the guy who crashed his truck into the back of the police car saw the car???? I don’t think so. More wasting time not really resolving the problem. The problems is there is no lane to pull over on that section of the freeway, so you are basically stopped in a lane with cars moving 55-70 mph. No one expects to have a car stopped in a lane on the freeway. There are also many blind spots. The law will not change anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do something that will fix the problem like adding a lane on the left for cars to pull over in.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone ask how dangerous it is for police officers who are driving themselves to take their attention away from the road in order to look at other drivers closely enough to see whether they are texting, wearing their seatbelts, etc. I wonder how much such activities by law enforcement officials contribute to traffic accidents in which officers or others are injured or killed?

  3. To give a lane of space in traffic is a great idea, but it simply isn’t possible on most of the narrow roads in Hawaii and is only a part of why this legislation should not become law.

    Hawaii is the only place I have lived where it is OK to pull into the middle of a road when pulled over. The police should never allow that to happen if a vehicle is in working order. All vehicles being pulled over should be required to pull over to the right side of the roadway and on exceptionally dangerous roads, motorists should pull over to a side street to avoid putting anyone in danger.

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