Turbin Campaign Receives Threatening Text Message from Stanley Chang Campaign After Hawaii Reporter Post

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Stanley Chang

EAST OAHU – A campaign coordinator with Rich Turbin’s campaign received a threatening text message yesterday from Stanley Chang’s campaign manager, Kekoa McClellan.

The perceived threat warned the campaign staffer to “brace yourselves” in response to a story which ran on the Hawaii Reporter.


On Wednesday, the Turbin campaign issued a press release announcing that Turbin had received the support of both Congresswoman Mazie Hirono and Congressman Charles Djou.

The press release also addressed a negative e-mail sent to the public by Kekoa McClellan in response to Turbin receiving the backing from Charles Djou, a Republican.

The subject line of the e-mail sent by McClellan on October 18 read: “Djou in bed with Turbin.” See Email from Chang Campaign – and attacked him for receiving the endorsement of Charles Djou, former council member for district 4.

The press release issued by Turbin’s campaign on October 27 was picked up by Hawaii Reporter.

On October 28, McClellan sent a text message to Ava Cavaco, a coordinator with Turbin’s campaign with the following warning: “Ava, I saw the article in Hawaii Reporter –  brace yourselves.”  See attached screen shot of the text message.

Turbin said: “This campaign season has distinguished itself as being one of the most negative this state has ever experienced and has sunk to a new low with a perceived threat issued by Stanley Chang’s campaign manager, Kekoa McClellan. I would expect candidates running in this, or any other race in the state, to conduct themselves and their campaign in a civil manner.  I am confident voters can, and will, see through these tactics.”

Submitted by the Turbin campaign.