U.S. EPA is looking for Water Efficiency Leaders

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SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. EPA is accepting nominations for the 2007
Water Efficiency Leader Awards to recognize organizations and
individuals that demonstrate leadership and innovation in water
efficient products and practices. Winners will be chosen by a panel of
national water experts and based on three criteria: leadership,
innovation, and water saved.

The Water Efficiency Leader Awards foster an ethic of water
efficiency, which is critical to our economy and quality of life. Water
and energy are closely linked: For example, running a hot water faucet
for five minutes consumes as much energy as using a 60-watt light bulb
for 14 hours. Water efficiency also is supported through WaterSense, a
partnership Program sponsored by EPA to educate and offer consumers
choices of water-efficient products.


Nominations for the Water Efficiency Leader Awards must be
postmarked by August 17, 2007. It is anticipated that the winners will
be announced in late fall 2007. Candidates may be organizations or
individuals from anywhere in the United States. They may work in either
the public or the private sector, and may be self-nominated or nominated
by a third party.

Organizations and individuals interested in applying for the 2007
WEL Awards must complete a short application form and provide a one page
(single sided) description of the project or activities being nominated.
Up to two pages of supporting materials (two single pages or one double
sided page) may also be submitted, see application form on the EPA
website for details.

For more information please contact Bob Rose, (202) 564-0322,
mailto:rose.bob@epa.gov, and to enter award nominations go to: