UH Student Caucus to Senate Committee: Administration Should Be Given Time for Investigation Into ‘Wonder Blunder’

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BY TRACEY L. IMPER – I am the Chairperson for the University of Hawai’i Student Caucus. The UH Student Caucus consists of delegates, most of which are Student Government Presidents at their respective campuses, from every campus system wide. We passed the attached resolution on Saturday September 29, 2012, in regards to the Stevie Wonder concert situation. This will be submitted to the State Senate Special Committee on Accountability. 

As the University of Hawai‘i Student Caucus, student representatives of the University of Hawai’i System, we support our administration in its effort to redress the particular issue regarding financial policies and procedures for the Stevie Wonder Concert.


We recognize that the University of Hawai’i has made mistakes with respect to this matter.

The University of Hawai’i Administration has promised to conduct a thorough investigation and follow the proper financial accountability procedures in the future.

Therefore, the University of Hawai’i Administration should be given the time and opportunity to fulfill its obligation to resolve this issue.