UH Student ID cards no longer require stamp validation for Fall semester

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UH logoAs of Fall 2014, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa students will no longer require the physical stamp on the back of their UH Mānoa ID cards (old or newer version) for a semester validation. The new Mānoa One Card system now links all Mānoa ID cards directly to their system records, making the validation stamps on the back of the cards a thing of the past.

UH Mānoa’s One Card Blackboard Transact System allows all UH Mānoa students to access their applicable student benefits using an electronic validation assigned to their account. Students who are eligible for benefits, such as the Warrior Recreation Center, will be electronically assigned access that can be read on the card at the facility.


Eligibility for student benefits will be determined by the fees charged on the student account. If a student receives a hold on his or her account at any time during the semester, access to student benefits will be electronically revoked until the hold is cleared. Activity fees that are included in a student’s tuition may vary from student to student depending on the program. To see a list of student activity fees charged, please log in to the myUH Portal and click on the “View My Charges/Make a Payment” link.

Any student who is assessed the mandatory U-PASS Transportation Fee and wants to participate in the program will still need to obtain the U-PASS sticker. The Department of Transportation is working on a future solution to move away from stickers, but — for now — stickers are still being issued to participating students who ride TheBus.

The Ticket, Information and ID Office at Campus Center is currently issuing U-Pass stickers for the Fall semester. They will also be issued at the Campus Center Ballroom from August 25-29 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Students who do not participate in the U-PASS program do not need to go to the Ticket, Information and ID Office or the Campus Center Ballroom, because eligible cards will be electronically validated this Fall semester.

For more information, visit the Mānoa One Card website at www.manoa.hawaii.edu/onecard or email us at manoa.onecard@hawaii.edu.





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