Understanding Hypnosis – Part Three-July 10, 2003

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Dear Readers:


”’Below is Part Three of the three-day series in this column adapted from my article “Understanding Hypnosis and Its Clinical Efficacy.” Part Three addresses the mechanics of self-hypnosis, when professional assistance with hypnosis may be indicated, how hypnosis has been integrated into patient care, and my personal experience with it. A reference list is included. For additional resources visit:”’ https://www.drgelbsays.com

*Self-hypnosis. For many clinicians, the goal is to teach clients self-hypnosis. This is a self-induced suggestion whereby clients implant suggestions and reprogram their subconscious. This can be accomplished in various ways. A favorite among participants in my self-hypnosis workshops takes the form of the following dialogue:

Dr. Gelb to participants: Sit or lie down in a safe, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Then say to yourself: As of now, I’m going to change a behavior of mine;

Then I direct them to: Identify the behavior you want to change (e.g., overeating), and instruct the subconscious as to when the change will occur. For example, “