United Nations Shows True Colors During Israeli Fight Against Terrorism

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While all eyes are on developments at the United Nations headquarters in New York, a key UN official in Geneva held a press conference that critics point to as evidence of the UN’s double-standard when it addresses Israel.

A senior UN official said on Friday that Israel’s military blockade of Lebanon, as well as the Palestinian territories, was “obviously in violation of international law” as civilians suffered most from such actions.


“The law is simple. Civilians must be shielded. Civilians are protected persons. Civilian infrastructure is protected,” UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland said during a press conference.

“If sealing off borders, if sealing off harbors, if bombing airports first and foremost means that innocent third parties cannot receive goods, cannot travel, cannot get to health facilities, cannot get their daily needs met … Israel’s blockade is obviously wrong” he said.

The UN’s top humanitarian aid official also urged the international community to respond to an emergency appeal for aid for the Palestinians and said civilians must be spared in the spiraling Middle East conflict.

“Never before have the Palestinians needed our compassion and solidarity more,” he said.

“The crisis in Palestinian areas has been building since 2000, but it has never been worse in this decade than it has over the last few days,” he said.

However, Egeland made no call for solidarity and compassion for the Israeli people being killed by terrorists from two groups — Hezbollah and Hamas. In fact, Egeland did not mention the terrorists responsible for the escalation in violence. He also failed to mention Iran’s and Syria’s complicity in the growing violence in the region.

Egeland was speaking to mostly European reporters following a meeting of aid agencies and donor governments. He said the UN was facing a substantial shortfall in its $386 million appeal for aid in Palestinian areas. It has received less than one-third of the funding it needs to help deal with a humanitarian crisis caused by escalating violence in the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, he complained.

Again, he failed to mention the shortfall came about as a result of the Palestinian people voting terrorists into positions of political power.

Egeland condemned Israel’s bombing of civilian facilities in Gaza, which he said had paralyzed electricity and water supplies. The sanitation system in Gaza was falling apart, food and medical supplies were running short and disease rates were climbing, he warned.

The closest Egeland came to addressing the suffering and fears of the Israeli people is when he urged all parties in the conflict to exercise restraint.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the Lebanese ambassador is playing “the victim” in the fighting between the Iranian-created, Syria-backed Hezbollah and the Jewish State. However, he avoided discussing how Lebanon not only harbors an avowed terrorist group, they also allowed them to serve in the Lebanese legislature in order to appease them.

In the midst of this violence, throughout the day on cable news channels, one appeaser after another goes before the television cameras and pontificates about the need to talk.

“We must sit down and talk.” “Our leaders must have the combatants talk.” “We must send a UN mission to the region to talk.”

What if someone were killing members of your family: sons, daughters, cousins, nieces, uncles, aunts are all being killed or threatened by a maniac. Would you sit and talk to the maniacal murderer? I hope not. Only a coward would do such a thing and consider himself or herself a reasonable person.

The disturbing and ugly truth is that talk cannot and will not quell the rising tide of radical Islamic fascism. The Israelis are fighting the same enemy the US is supposed to be fighting and Americans should keep there eyes on what’s happening in the Middle East.

But they must also observe what’s happening in a building in Midtown Manhattan in which world leaders are plotting the New World Order, which means a maverick nation such as Israel must be destroyed. Israel stands in the way of the unification of the Middle East and the Muslim nations must be appeased even if 7 million Jews have to die. Sound familiar?

Ponder this: The United Nations has been discussing for months what resolutions regarding Iran and North Korea should be passed. But they were able to draw up a resolution and present it to their Security Council condemning Israel in a mere few hours. And it would have passed if the U.S. didn’t blocked it.

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