Universal Health Care in Hawaii – A Foolish Proposal

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Universal Health Care in Hawaii – A Foolish Proposal

Alan Matsuda


I’m absolutely certain that Rep. Dennis Arakaki, D-Kalihi, is sincere and cares a great deal about Hawaii residents. But his proposal to create a new state authority to micro-manage our health-care industry is extremely foolish.

Why create another mess similar to our public school system?

Government in Hawaii has a sterling track record of executing very poorly. Yes, there are compelling reasons why government agencies can’t do a better job, but why expand the damage that government programs and government interference with free markets wreak on society?

Last November, Oregon voters voted over 70 percent against Prop. 23, which would socialize health care in Oregon.

If anything, Rep. Arakaki’s committee and other government entities should take steps to bring in to Hawaii more competition for HMSA and Kaiser, our duopoly medical insurers.

Competition is the crucible that brings about good products and good services. Government entities and government workers are sheltered from competition and their output is often woeful beyond measure.

I ask Rep. Arakaki, kindly cease your efforts on HB 1617 or anything similar to it.

”’Alan Matsuda is a Libertarian in Hawaii Kai. He can be reached via email at”’ mailto:matsuda77@worldnet.att.net