University of Hawaii Graduate Makes Parents Proud

Dayna Delgado
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Dayna Delgado

BY SAM MORREN – Some sons and daughters would do anything to make their parents proud.

Dayna Delgado’s eagerness brought her to the military and the Leader’s Training Course.


“I want to make my father proud, so I decided to join the military,” the Bravo Company Cadet said.  “Plus, the military would help me pay for school.”

Since her father has no sons, Delgado, of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, said she is always trying to make him feel proud of having three daughters. And he is, she said.

The Delgado girls grew up playing sports and tried to be good kids, regardless of their gender.

Since Delgado will be the first member of her family to serve in the military, she said her father initially expressed concern for her safety and wanted to ensure his daughter was making the right decision.

“When I told my dad that I was going to join the ROTC program and the military, his only question was,  ‘Are you joining the military for the right reasons? Don’t do it for me. Do it for you,’ ” Delgado said.

After a week of training, Delgado she said she feels a sense of accomplishment. Her motivation to complete LTC is to be able to commission as a second lieutenant.

And to continue bringing joy to her father.

“Once my dad sees me in the uniform and wearing the officer rank, he will be really proud,” Delgado said.

 Submitted by the Public Affairs Office on Fort Knox Base in KY