University of Hawaii Task Group Recommends Suspending Search for President-Board of Regents Should Keep David McClain on as President, Task Group Says

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The University of Hawaii Task Group on the Presidential Search is providing this report and a recommendation to the Board of Regents (BOR) of the University of Hawaii.

In September 2005, the BOR raised the issue of asking Interim President David McClain to consider appointment for an extended period of time after he received an outstanding rating by unanimous vote of the BOR at his one-year review.


After an initial conversation, Interim President McClain counseled us to proceed with the search because he believed a national search was the best practice for the selection of a president.

In late November 2005, Interim President McClain officially announced that he would not be a candidate in the search, noting that in his view a full term as president involves at least a seven-year commitment, one which he and his wife, Wendie, are not prepared to make.

His statement read,