US Marks 47th Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination

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Forty-seven years ago Monday, late American president John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in his motorcade in downtown Dallas, Texas.

Kennedy, who is the youngest man elected U.S. president, was killed by gunshots on November 22, 1963 as he rode in an open-top car.  He was 46 years old.


His wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, was by his side when the bullets struck.

Kennedy was pronounced dead at a Dallas hospital, and vice president Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president the same day.

The assassination remains an iconic historical moment, remembered vividly by many Americans alive at the time.

Investigators have concluded Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots.  He was arrested shortly after the shooting, but never faced trial.  Two days after the assassination, Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald as he was being led through a police garage.

Kennedy’s death has spawned conspiracy theories, with some doubting the official explanation of the president’s death.

His body was returned to Washington and buried at Arlington National Cemetery, overlooking the nation’s capital.  An eternal flame marks his grave site.

The Kennedys, including the president’s siblings and children, have remained subjects of public interest.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.