Vick Fiasco Didn’t Happen Overnight

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I agree with you 100% that the NFL should do background checks before turninglifelong street thugs into national heros. Mike Vick has been a punk his whole life. This just didn’t happen overnight.

Ricky Williams, Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, Ray Lewis, Rae Carruth, etc., all have track records. Whatever happened real heros, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams?


I know that I and probably you too would be fired from our jobs if we did something that doesn’t come close to what these so called heros do. Look what happened to Pete Rose and his actions pale to what these little gang bangers do.

Is it a racial thing? I tend to think so when you look at the big picture. The NFL must do its job at policing this issue.

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