Wake Up America! Democrats Hate "Democracy"

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Among the many absurdities proffered by Barack Obama sycophants in the media
and throughout the liberal establishment is the notion that Obama possesses
great leadership qualities. Throughout his public life he has consistently
proven himself to be the antithesis of leadership. And ever since the
“healthcare” debate reached its present impasse, he has resorted to the
manner of pettiness and bullying that would embarrass any truly great leader
of the people.

Consider the contrasts between Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. Though Reagan
advanced ideas that were initially met with skepticism by the public, his
sincerity and ability to relate to the people eventually won them over. Of
course none of his success could have been possible, had any issue in
question been a truly bad idea. It was not merely Reagan’s power of
persuasion (as grudgingly credited to him by the left), but rather the power
of his ideas that prevailed.


Obama, on the other hand, has never had either a worthy agenda or a good
presentation. His skill at reading from a teleprompter, while vastly
overrated by the obsequious press, long ago became obvious in its reality,
and quickly lost any luster with the American people. Likewise, the utopian
“hope and change” claptrap on which he rode to victory in 2008 daily
portends to be the doom of the nation if even a single putrid vestige of it
prevails. After only fifteen months of the Obama Administration, any
overrated bloom has vanished from this contrived “rose.”

Yet while his public approval poll numbers have plummeted, they remain
significantly higher than those of the Congress, the image of which has been
defined over the past two years by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-NV)
and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA). Overwhelmingly, the American public
regards them with suspicion and contempt, and for good reason.

Like Obama, Reid and Pelosi ascribe to a set of core principles that are
wholly at odds with the historical greatness of America. Their agenda is
perceived by the majority of the nation as a real danger to its prospects
for a healthy and thriving future. Averting this looming danger, and
restoring the precepts of American greatness, are at the heart of the “Tea
Party” phenomenon that sprang up, essentially as a spontaneous and truly
“grassroots” movement from coast to coast last year.

Far from recognizing the enormous power or worthiness of this vast
resurgence of the American Heartland, the Pelosi/Reid/Obama triumvirate
daily wages war against it. The effort has been underway since the Democrat
congressional takeover of 2006, and gained significant impetus upon the
election of Barack Obama two years later. But this liberal onslaught was
soundly rebuffed by massive resistance from real America, culminating in the
election of Republican Senator Scott Brown to fill the seat of the late Ted
Kennedy (D.-MA).

Rather than recognizing the sincere and legitimate sentiment of “We the
People” against this fundamental threat to the nation they have known and
love, the Democrat leadership has since gone into overdrive once it
recovered from the initial shock of Brown’s election. It now overtly vows to
circumvent any and every effort of the people to keep a hold of their

The entire abominable political shell game of imposing Obamacare by “budget
reconciliation,” an inarguable attempt to use the unleashed and
extra-constitutional power of the government to seize even more of the
rights and freedoms of the people, reveals how little regard the “leaders”
in Washington have for the citizenry. Moreover, the expressed willingness of
Nancy Pelosi to force the compliance of recalcitrant congressional Democrats
who seek to listen to their constituents, clearly defines their ultimate
duty and purpose, in her mind, not as “Representatives” of the people, but
as foot soldiers of the liberal revolution.

This past Sunday, the citizens of Iraq defied threats from insurgent Muslim
terrorists (the middle eastern version of “community organizers”) in order
to vote in their national elections. Several dozen lost their lives in bomb
attacks at polling places. Yet the people showed up in record numbers,
grimly determined to maintain a tenuous but precious hold on their ability
to determine their nation’s future.

Throughout the years since America invaded Iraq, Obama and those in his camp
have derided the effort to bring freedom to the beleaguered people of that
nation. And when, in nearby Iran, some brave citizens put forth a similar
cry for freedom and demands for justice in their flagrantly compromised
elections, Obama sided with the corrupt regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad which
had clearly tampered with the process to maintain its hold on power. Thus he
helped quench the smoldering fires of liberty and justice by abetting the
iron fist of Iranian tyranny. So while Barack Obama offered some tepid
platitudes to the cameras last Sunday in support of the Iraqi patriots, his
past record reveals sympathies that are starkly different.

Nevertheless, if the Iraqi people, who have only recently tasted freedom,
can arise and amass to preserve and maintain it, so can the historically
free people of the United States of America. Hardly facing the mortal danger
that manifested itself on the streets of Baghdad, American voters have
endured an ominous parallel, which only varied in degree, as they were
rebuffed from the polling places by “Black Panthers” and other militant
leftists in Philadelphia, Oklahoma, and elsewhere throughout the nation.

Ultimately, the Democrat efforts to forcibly coerce the American people into
compliance with the liberal agenda or reprogram their thinking will be no
more successful than the malignant threats of Islamist reprisals against a
freedom-loving Iraqi people. Americans will speak out. They will exchange
ideas, and evaluate the propaganda daily being fed to them from the leftists
inside the Beltway. Then they will set to developing an effective counter
strategy. And, this November they will resolutely confront the leftist
threats against them and show up in droves at the polling places to vote.

‘Christopher G. Adamo has been active in Wyoming politics for many years and is a managing partner in Best American Buy (www.bestamericanbuy.com), an e-commerce business that markets American made products including the incomparable Abigail Adams Bedspread Set from Bates Mills. Contact information for Chris Adamo, and his archives, can be found at https://www.chrisadamo.com’