Washington Chaos Portends Obama's Vision For America

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As the nationalized “Healthcare” debacle nears its end game, the people of
America are increasingly shocked and disgusted by the raw ugliness of the
Obama “governing” philosophy. Those platitudes of “hope and change” are
gone, and in their place a thoroughly regretful American populace now
witnesses, to its horror, the total desecration of this once triumphal
constitutional republic.

At last, the stark reality of liberalism is unmasked in its undiluted form.
What cannot be discussed honestly and succinctly is couched in lies and
fraud, and then sold to the public as benevolence and compassion. Those in
Congress who cannot be convinced, based on the merits of the effort, to
participate and support it are coerced or bought off. The means of garnering
“votes” in the Senate or House is irrelevant. In the end, all that matters
is that the leftist agenda, of which Obamacare is a cornerstone, becomes the
law of the land.


Over the past few months, Americans were outraged by such denigrating
manipulations as the vote buying of Senators Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson
(cynically nicknamed the “Louisiana Purchase” and “Cornhusker Kickback”
respectively). Two prominent Democrat Senators were willing to abandon any
consideration of the good of the country (ignoring the Constitution
completely in the process) in return for a promise of plunder from the
nation’s already thoroughly ravaged treasury. Yet despite such shameless
tactics, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid cabal still lacks the votes to impose their
statist nightmare on America.

In a saner time, decorum and respect by the government for the will of the
people would have necessitated that the effort be dropped, and the
socio-economic fabric of the country be allowed to remain intact. But as the
nation is realizing, the current “leadership” in Washington is significantly
different from anything ever contended with in the past. These people have
never had the slightest intention of “deriving their governing power from
the consent of the governed,” as advised in the Declaration of Independence.

Rather, their modus operandi has consistently been to fool enough people,
enough of the time, to pass milestones from which they anticipate the nation
can never turn back. The despicable previous lies and bullying employed in
this strategy are daily exceeded by the current lies and bullying. And in
the process real America is increasingly shut out and maneuvered towards
eventual extinction.

The latest development in this nauseating battle offers a glimpse of just
how far down this slippery slope things have gone. Congressmen Dennis
Cardoza and Jim Costaand of California, Democrats both, are changing from
“no” to “yes” votes on Obamacare, according to a report from the National
Republican Congressional Committee. At the same time, it seems that the
Interior Department has suddenly opened the floodgates (literally) of water
reserves into their agricultural districts, which had been previously
starved for water on account of purported “environmental concerns.”

It would require a mindless naivete to ignore the timing of this sudden,
otherwise inexplicable surrender by Interior, which had steadfastly refused
to do so in the past, despite enormous hardships inflicted on the people of
the region. Yet in consideration of the equally sudden professed change of
sentiments on Obamacare by Cardoza and Costa, the big picture becomes all
too inescapable. And its hideous ramifications for the future of the country
cannot be overstated.

Here is a stark example of the abuse of power against which the Founders
sought, with all of their wisdom and all of their beings, to protect the
Republic. For starters, the Interior Department should never have been
allowed to exert itself in so destructive manner over the water usage of
California farmers. But more significantly, its ability to suddenly reverse
itself, based not on any drastic change in the environmental status of the
area, but as a weapon to be wielded against the independent thoughts of the
“Representatives” of those districts, strips any vestige of true
representation from them.

More significantly however, such criminal usurpations of constitutional
governance will not stop there. If this scheme is allowed to stand, its
effects will ultimately redound disastrously to the rest of us. Every
congressional district in the country could conceivably be choked and
repressed over some insignificant precept with which the government
ostensibly finds fault, with redress only being permitted if the affected
Senators or Representatives from that state or district comply with the
demands of the Administration.

Not long ago, so drastic of a scenario would have been relegated to the
entertaining excesses of suspense novels. In like manner, the almost comical
gaffes committed regularly by all three in recent weeks belie the truly
sinister nature of their agenda. But real America should not be lulled into
trivializing the magnitude of this looming peril. The next few weeks will be
a crucial time for the people of this nation to stand firm in their
opposition to it.

The shocking depths to which Barack Obama, abetted by Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid (D.-NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA), have already
descended in their obsessive drive to institute their metastasizing “nanny
state” leave little doubt as to the consequences America faces if they
prevail. Only the grim determination of a courageous and resolute opposition
stands between them and the end of America as we know it.

‘Christopher G. Adamo has been active in Wyoming politics for many years and is a managing partner in Best American Buy (www.bestamericanbuy.com), an e-commerce business that markets American made products including the incomparable Abigail Adams Bedspread Set from Bates Mills. Contact information for Chris Adamo, and his archives, can be found at https://www.chrisadamo.com’