Washington Week: Focus on US Immigration Reform

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By Michael Bowman – WASHINGTON — Immigration reform remains in Washington’s political spotlight this week. Attention will be focused on whether and how the House of Representatives proceeds on an overhaul of federal immigration laws.
Congress returns to work after a weeklong recess.  Many legislators heard passionate and pointed words in their home districts on immigration reform.

“We are here today as a coalition, as a group to put the pressure where the fight will be: on the House [of Representatives],” said immigration reform protester Richard McDaniel.

Last month, the Democratically-controlled Senate passed a bill that would boost U.S border security, streamline the legal immigration process, and provide a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers.  Action in the Republican-controlled House is far from assured.


Represenative Bob Goodlatte is chairman of the House Judiciary committee, which oversees immigration matters. “I do not think a special pathway to citizenship should be provided at all,” he said.

Instead, many Republicans want to focus on border security first and foremost.  But an enforcement-only approach that fails to address the legal status of the undocumented is unacceptable to many Democrats, including President Barack Obama.

Only if both houses of Congress pass an identical version of immigration reform would the bill go to the White House for Mr. Obama’s signature.

House Speaker John Boehner has given no indication a vote will be held.





  1. I really don't understand the Republican's real motive behind tightening the border security and immigration procedures to extreme limit. This practice has already made US pay a lot in last decade . This is the right time now to take steps and soften immigration policies and open doors for people to become US resident. And this reform will be a mile stone in this regard. On the other hand US visa waiver program is bringing fruits for US economy. And there should be more countries be added to the program in order to achieve the real target of 1 billion visitor by 2021. I think Obama is doing something that is really in favor of common people and not getting insanely concerned with border security.

    • Schatz also filed an amendment to the immigration reform bill moving through the U.S. Senate that would grant legal status to immigrants displaced by global warming.
      “It simply recognizes that climate change, like war, is one of the most significant contributors to homelessness in the world,” https://www.hawaiireporter.com/no-more-tolerance-s

  2. this immigration reform bill that is being pushed by the GOP just goes to show that republican politicians in Washington love big government as much as the democrat politicians.the main benefactorsof "immigration reform"will be the usual crony-capitalists,private defense contractors,etc. special interest groups and lobbyists throwing money at all these politicians.business as usual.not to mention adding tons of tax payer funded money at federal law enforcement agencies with all the usual alphabetical initials. the republican party sucks.

  3. The Democratically-controlled Senate passed a placard that would amplify U.S line shelter, streamline the legitimate immigration order, further give a track to citizenship for millions of undocumented laborers. Activity in the Republican-controlled Home is considerably from assured.
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  4. I think in a few years the US will welcome immigrants with open arms because if you look at the way things are going, I'm pretty sure a lot of americans will leave the country in the search of better living conditions and then the work force will suffer a loss.

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