What does it mean to live a healthy life? (Part 1)

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Written by Fabian Patterson


As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “what does it mean to live a healthy life?” Over the years I’ve changed my approach from immediately giving my personal or professional answer to redirecting the question to the individual asking. And although their answer varies, it seems that no one has a full understanding of what it means to live a healthy life. 

Fabian Patterson, founder of Change-iz Fitness

Some thinks that living a healthy life requires a rigid workout schedule, some think it’s entirely on what you eat and others, well – they simply just don’t know. Truth is, none of these individuals should be faulted for not knowing how to live healthy; for some weren’t taught what healthy living is, others work-life balance doesn’t allow room for healthy living and although there are ways to learn how to live healthy it’s hard to decide which information is legitimate and conducive to one’s overall health, therefore they choose not to deal with it all together. Also, we live in a decade of information overload, which you’d think should make it easier, but often makes it more difficult.

However, living a healthy life is less complicated than what most might think. I think the complication comes from always feeling this tremendous pressure that’s placed on health, and after a certain point healthy living somehow becomes a 9-5 job for most. A job that most find tedious and sometimes overwhelming. But, living a healthy life shouldn’t and isn’t meant to be this difficult. Although it takes time-initially, it’s a simple understanding of the need for a work-rest balance, but first and most importantly it’s understanding one’s body and knowing how to take care of it from a holistic approach. This in my personal and professional opinion is what it means to live a healthy life. Now that there’s some light shed on this ambiguity is there a certain way to go about living a healthy life?

Three simple steps you can take towards the start of living a healthy life.

The first and most important thing about living a healthy life from a holistic approach is learning how to take care of yourself mentally and spiritually – not spiritually necessarily in the sense of religion, God or faith (if you don’t believe in that), but in the sense of inner peace – nirvana if you will. Mental and spiritual health is important because if you’re not mentally or spiritually healthy it’s easier to fall victim to other health issues. Mental and spiritual care does not have to be complex or extensive, it could simply mean taking five uninterrupted minutes alone in silence each morning to declutter your mind, reflect on the positive things in your life and being grateful for those things and the person that you are entirely. Psychologists, Therapists, and Health Professionals suggests that just by taking two minutes each morning to reflect and meditate you can reduce stress and anxiety and promote emotional health.

(Stay tuned for Part 2)

Fabian Patterson is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist and owner of Change-iz Fitness a local personal training business located in the Kapolei area. For more information about this article, his business or anything fitness related please contact him via email changeizfitness@gmail.com or his website www.change-izfitness.com

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