What Each US State Googled More Than Any Other in 2014

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Google most searched map for 2014Texas and Oklahoma worried about ebola in 2014 while people in Connecticut wanted to know more about Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

California and Nevada checked out Bitcoin while Coloradans searched the word “marijuana” more than any other state.


Seattle-based real estate website Estately examined Google Trends data to determine what people and issues the residents of each state cared most about last year.

The company entered search terms for the year’s biggest stories and controversies, people and companies who made news, popular TV shows, movies and more.

Michigan wondered if actor Macaulay Culkin had died (he hasn’t) while Hawaii sought information about the ALS ice bucket challenge, (the social media campaign that gave the debilitating disease windfall support through social media.)

Delaware and Kansas didn’t top the Google search numbers on any topic.

The map below shows the searches each state made more of than any other state — not the top searches — for each state. Bitcoin is commonly used in live dealer casino sites as mentioned here.