What Goes Around, Comes Around

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What goes around comes around.

Since the Department of Hawaiian Homes land succeeded in forcing the state to vacate Nana Kapono elementary school by repeatedly raising the land lease rent ($400,000 per year) and forced the State education Department to build a new elementary school across Farrington Highway. And the subsequent establishing of a charter school on the old property, how about exercising the new eminent domain ruling as espoused by the U.S. Supreme Court?


If we act fast, before the nation of Hawaii comes into existence, the former Nani kapono elementary school on the beach here in Nanakuli could be seized from the Department of Hawaiian Homes Land and be up graded as a 5-star luxury beach resort, time share condominium, elegant home lots or any of dozens of other uses.

The West Coast really needs up scale employment opportunities, and the charter school presently occupying the school could’nt compete with the economics of tourism as we have come to expect.

The key to the success of this endeavor is beating the enactment of the Akaka bill because then an independent Hawaiian nation and it’s laws would have to be litigated in the world court or the United Nations. This is just one of the possibilities if we act fast. You can bet the Hawaiian nation is going to do just exactly that when they get a strangle hold on the state of Hawaii.

”’Bud Ebel, a resident of Makaha, can be reached via email at”’ mailto:bud96792@hotmail.com