Where’s the money?

Working later, Living longer.


by Carleen MacKay :: Rob Kinslow

Show Me the Money!


In the US., the average life expectancy, for a person who is 65 years old today, is just over 20 years for women and just short of 20 years for men.

The number #1 reason people want to work later in life?

ourworldindata_life-expectancy-cumulative-over-200-yearsThey need the money.


  • This group’s so-called savings are far from enough to take them through ever-longer lifespans. Have you looked at the data on average savings? Go ahead… Look. It’s a stunning predictor of what is coming just around the very next corner in time.
  • Companies are cutting back the benefits paid to retired employees and pension plans are a hangover from the past. In fact, even if you are a government worker, your pension plan may be woefully underfunded. Go ahead, look at your state… Will your pension plan be there when you need it?dotherichsavemore

If you are like the majority, your retirement savings are woefully inadequate for the long-haul. Rather than tell you more, click here for a picture worth the proverbial 1000 words… https://www.businessinsider.com/how-much-average-family-saved-for-retirement-2016-3

Ready for some good news?

  • You too can join the almost 20% of Americans (Bureau of Labor Statistics) who are 65 and older and still working.

Ready to turn wishful “hope” into a working “plan” that matters to you and to your reasons for continuing to work later in your anticipated ever-longer lifetime? Ready to prepare for your future, whether you are in your 50’s or 60’s, today?

Whether you want to work for a fee, for free, for fun, for the good of others, full-time, part-time or some-of-the-time, we, your Workforce Wingmen, are here to help you get to work… doing what matters to you… in this new world of work and new time of life.

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