Why Liberals Are Hysterical About NSA Wire-tapping-Special from the New Media Alliance

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The issue is not national security, but security for socialism. Liberal-Progressive-socialists claim unrestrained license to destroy Judeo-Christian morality, while demanding immunity from scrutiny of their secular atheism, even when it weakens national security.

The following thoughts abstracted from and engendered by “Freedom, Virtue, and the First Amendment,” by Walter Berns lay out the jurisprudential architecture of liberalism that leads liberal-Progressives to fight against Judge Alito’s confirmation to the Supreme Court and against NSA wire-tapping to prevent repetitions of 9/11.


(1) Absolutely unrestricted freedom of speech, even hateful and destructive speech, is the cornerstone of liberalism. Liberals have come to rely upon a number of Constitutional law devices, including Justice Holmes’s famous “clear and present danger” test, procedural due process, and incorporation of the 1st amendment under the 14th amendment to declare unconstitutional (or to attempt to do so) a wide range of Federal and state laws that place any restrictions at all upon free speech.

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