Why You Should Vote NO on the Proposed Honolulu Transit Authority

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BY CLIFF SLATER – There is a rather confusing City charter amendment on the ballot this year concerning a “Transit Authority.” The ballot question is:

“Shall the revised City Charter be amended to create a semi-autonomous public transit authority responsible for the planning, construction, operation, maintenance, and expansion of the City’s fixed guideway mass transit system?”

Our response is a resounding “NO”.


Creating a Transit Authority would buffer the City Administration officials and the City Councilmembers from rail transit decisions and leave the blame for cost overruns, revenue shortfalls, ridership shortfalls, on the semi-anonymous “Authority” rather than the elected politicians.

There are several “Transit Authorities” around the country, and in every case the rail transit decisions have led to huge cost overruns which must result in increased taxes on hard working families, and no decrease in congestion. Through all of this, the politicians remain blameless.

As politicos ask you to vote for the “Transit Authority”, look at what they have to gain, and who their supporters are. Politicians must be responsible for their decisions, not a hidden bunch of bureaucrats.

The bottom line is this: It is your money. Vote NO.

For more details on this issue go to: https://www.honolulutraffic.com/Transit_Authority.pdf

Cliff Slater is the Chair of HonoluluTraffic.com