Will Rush Limbaugh Save America?

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BY WILLIAM R. COLLIER JR. – The entire future of The Land of the Free well may hinge on whether a 40th vote against shutting down a filibuster is seated during the Lame Duck Session during which Reid and Pelosi appear to be planning to ram through the remainder of their most onerous legislative agenda — Cap and Trade, Card Check, DISCLOSE, and other anti-Freedomist measures so unpopular that voter discontent has kept them bottled up.

With several Senators having been constrained by their reelection prospects from voting for these things, America is at its most vulnerable during the upcoming lame duck session. This has been highlighted by journalists like John Fund and commentators such as Phil Kerpen.


The ability to forestall this legislative apocalypse well may come down to a single vote.  That in turn may depend upon whether conservative Lame Duck Hunter Christine O’Donnell beats RINO Mike Castle in the September 14th Delaware Senatorial primary, currently too close to call.

Rush to the Rescue? Rush had this following fascinating conversation on his show:

RUSH: Okay, now, having said all that, Claire, I have a penetrating and hard-hitting question for you.


RUSH: Because you started out saying you used to be a Republican.

CALLER: Hm-hmm.

RUSH: But now you are an independent.

CALLER: That’s correct.

RUSH:  All right.  Now, if you are not a Republican, but you oppose liberalism, socialism, communism, then how are you helping us take back the Republican Party?  How many independents are going to be elected this November?

CALLER: Well, I have to tell you, I’m in the process of actually switching back, because of the upcoming primaries that are coming up.  And I’ll tell you what turned me on the Republicans.  First of all, in my state when Mike Castle voted for the cap and trade, I was done.

RUSH: Yeah, well, Castle’s a RINO.

CALLER:  But there’s many of them in this party and there’s too many that don’t understand.

RUSH:  That’s right.  That’s why you’ve gotta stay in it and take over and make them the minority in the party.

CALLER: Well, I want to echo one other thing, and that is true, that is true. I think if there’s a shot at communism, the danger to this country, it’s going to have to be a Republican because I know it won’t come from a Democrat, but I’m not even sure at this point if the Republicans understand it.

RUSH: That’s another thing that you’re pretty close to being right on, and that’s why abandoning the party and going independent is a ticket to third party, which is a guaranteed winner for Democrats.

Might this exchange telegraph a possible intention to throw the power of his mighty microphone into focusing on the critical O’Donnell/Castle race, driving thousands to https://www.christine2010.com or the O’Donnell campaign’s https://www.sockittojoe.com site?

Because if he does, the attention of one man, Rush Limbaugh, scourge of Liberals, could push  O’Donnell over the top, putting her in place to win this seat not just for the Republicans but for Freedomist, Liberty Loving Americans of all political persuasions.

History is hanging in the balance.  Millions of Freedomists Across the Fruited Plain are hanging on Rush’s every word now.

NOTE: RealClearPolitics “would not be surprised if Castle loses by a narrow margin.” In an article on the Scott Brown effect. The Freedomist was the first to cite O’Donnell as the new Scott Brown.