Will We Celebrate Future Independence Days?

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It is a phone call from some stranger in Lima, Ohio or Lynden, Washington, frantic about a monstrous tax-free tribal casino plunging into their quiet community, uninvited and unwelcome. It is a call from a young mother whose beautiful 2-year old child has been abducted by a kangaroo tribal court and missing to her for over 115 days. It is Nebraska neighbors anguishing over the brutal beating of a fellow farmer on his own land – beaten by tribal police. It is the faces of U.S. citizens in Salamanca, New York, in the 1990’s, forced to stand in long lines to sign “Surrenders” to the Seneca Nation of Indians, turning over to a tribal government, the deeds to their homes, with no compensation.

Long before a few colonists could imagine freedom, the yearning for it proved intolerable. Securing freedom became necessary in the 1700’s. Daily engaging in the pursuit of freedom was a priority for which men and women risked their lives.


In this 21st century, we are in another necessary time for this country. Only it is not the British that are coming. It is tribalism, collectivism