With MOVE Act, Voter Fraud Continues – is it a Conspiracy?

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BY JEFF CHURCHILL – MAUI – Within the last few weeks informed citizens have witnessed a legal version of voter fraud committed by our very own Federal and State Governments. President Obama in October 2009, signed into law “the MOVE Act” introduced by Senator John Cornyn (Republican from Texas) requiring Secretaries of State in all states to mail out absentee ballots to our Military personnel, their families and civilian support personnel stationed overseas no later than 45 days prior to the election, normally it has been 30 days; fabulous idea right?


What brought Senator Cornyn’s bill into light is our Patriots, fighting for our freedoms rarely get their votes counted; because their absentee ballots were returned beyond the dead line disqualifying their vote from being counted. This issue became evident during the General Presidential Elections in 2000, between George W. Bush and Al Gore. It was an extremely close race boiling down to the state of Florida. Al Gore challenged/accused pollsters in Florida for disqualifying ballots resulting in the “Dimpled Chad” lawsuit; the scam of the year brought on by the Democratic Party. However, behind all the smoke and mirrors that the liberal news media neglected to inform us is Al Gore also protested that the absentee ballots that were returned late from our Fighting Forces overseas shouldn’t be counted; how disgusting! And you know why? Historically, Military Personnel and their families have voted conservatively. And good old Al Gore couldn’t deal with that. Here we have young men and women fighting for our Constitutional Rights and their vote will not be counted? And yet the Democrats file a lawsuit over “dimpled chads” costing taxpayers a few million dollars; so typical. Nice diversion of facts.

I really feel that Senator Cornyn’s heart was in the right place and it seems everyone else was in accordance; except one little tidbit of more diversionary illusions. Here enters President Obama’s chief legal beagle loyalist dog Attorney General Eric Holder and his puppy’s. Conveniently the Department of Justice has to research the validity of the new law; which by the way is delaying the distribution of absentee ballots overseas.
What is ironic is the DOJ has had the bill since October 2009; here it is mid-August 2010, and it is still being bounced around among certain States, especially the “toss-up” States.
How many ballots were disqualified again during the 2010 primaries already held across the Nation? You would think our Constitutional Professor and now President and his Administration would support this great new law insuring that our Military’s right to vote and have their vote counted. I guess not, but now you have to look at records and this is the same Attorney General who failed to prosecute members of A.C.O.R.N. for voter registration fraud and members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation.
I truly believe there is a conspiracy a foot involving our President, Attorney General and the Democratic Party violating our Troops, their families and the civilian support personnel’s Constitutional Rights, by not having their votes counted. These conspirators know the upcoming mid-term elections in November are critical for a successful conservative takeover of both Houses. So, with the late ballot distributions Democrats’ chances improve drastically this November. Especially, since a great majority of our Fighting Forces overseas are Reservists.
Here is more fuel for the conspiracy. There are 10 key toss-up States fighting the implementation of the MOVE Act; Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. Also included are the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands.
You have to ask yourself how hard is it to mail absentee ballots out 15 days early.
Self, how tough could it be? It’s a no brainer, unless these toss-up States have an agenda. Now these 10 States have requested waivers exempting themselves from the MOVE Act and a few were granted a waiver; how convenient.
But, there are a few that were not granted a waiver, one of which is Hawaii. And our primary is on September 18, 2010; that’s less than the required 45 days.
Of course the political propaganda here in Hawaii is beginning to lash out with a recent article in the Hawaii Reporter that because of the MOVE Act this could cost Hawaii’s taxpayers more money.
Again, how is this costing us more taxpayer dollars? My guess is that in the past our Chief of Election Scott Nago had his team trash the alleged late absentee ballots so they wouldn’t have to count them allegedly saving his budgetary overhead. Furthermore, these pundits will now cause our State to be fined for non-compliance of the MOVE Act, which will cost us, the taxpayers, more money for their failures; again! And this same Election Chief sat before Congress back in March 2010 asking for the waiver and was denied.
So, Mr. Nago has been sitting on these absentee ballots for the last six months! Is there a conspiracy here? Call me wrong, but I don’t think so. Especially, since Hawaii’s Statehood we have had a democratically controlled State Senate and State Legislature. That is quite a long time to rule a kingdom. It’s my guess our men and women stationed here in Hawaii who are deployed overseas, again, will not get their votes counted for this September 18th primary; because of our inept Bureaucrats, or are they?
Now, we have a little more fire happening. Since the MOVE Act’s enactment the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), the Defense Department agency charged with helping military and overseas civilians vote, last announced the Electronic Voting Support Wizard pilot program, which aims to improve and expedite the delivery and return of absentee ballots to our Troops. Sounds great! Except now we have a few of these same 10 States complaining that the costs are too expensive. Wow, a simple program designed to insure our members of the military get to vote and the States are still arguing and the clock is ticking.
So, what do we need to do to correct this issue? One option is FIRE them all, like Mr. Nago here in Hawaii! But, that would be too simple throwing these peons under the bus. These are only the Indians who are only following orders; we want the chiefs. The next best thing to do is vote their bosses, the chiefs, out of office! That’s why November 2, 2010, is so critical. As we witness the continued attempts by a certain few to circumvent our system to suit their needs we as a Nation need to get out and vote! We must encourage our families, friends and neighbors to do the same. At the same time educating them on what the real agenda of the left, now the Progressives, is? The “Globalization” of our Nation by doing away with our Constitution.
To resolve our current issues we have to get these “Government Fat Cats” out of our way! To accomplish this mission it is imperative to have ALL VOTES COUNTED! That’s why I believe the Progressives are doing everything in their power prohibiting our Military from having their vote counted this November. These Progressives have screwed up and they are blaming everyone else for their short comings and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
That is my opinion and I’m entitled to it.
Jeff Churchill, aka “Hana Five O” is a resident of Maui