Working at the Legislature to Improve Hawaii’s Healthcare System

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BY JOSH GREEN, MD – I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the Senate Health Committee in the upcoming legislative session.

I remain committed to strengthening healthcare in Hawaii and I will do everything I can to make sure that we have the best, most accessible system in the nation.


As Chairman, I will pursue the priorities that people statewide have indicated are the most important to them:

1. tougher DUI penalties to prevent drunk driving tragedies
2. keeping doctors and nurses in Hawaii with loan repayment programs
3. strengthening Hawaii’s hospital system and healthcare safety net

For West Hawaii, I will be fighting for a new courthouse, an upgrade to our emergency medical infrastructure, harbor improvements, repair of our aging park facilities, and better access to healthcare, especially drug and alcohol treatment.

While the role of Chairman comes with added responsibility, it also provides a greater opportunity to stand up for West Hawaii and the entire Big Island in the coming years on the issues that matter most to our families.

Please contact me anytime with your ideas and concerns. Let’s keep working together to make the Big Island and all of Hawaii a better place to live.

From my family to yours, have a happy and safe holiday season and a great New Year.

Josh Green, State Senator, District 3, West Hawaii