WSJ: U.S. Files Suit to Block Airline Merger

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WSJ – The Justice Department has filed suit seeking to block the $11 billion merger of American Airlines’ parent corporation, AMR, and US Airways Group, saying the combined company would reduce competition in local markets and result in higher airfares.

American and US Airways compete directly on more than 1,000 routes where one or both offer connecting service, the government said. The government’s suit says the vast majority of domestic airline routes are already highly concentrated, and the proposed merger would create the largest airline in the world, resulting in four airlines controlling more than 80% of the U.S. commercial air travel market.






  1. the Dept. of justice has already approved three mergers in the last couple of years.this new merger between American airlines and us air will give travelers a new choice between 3 carriers which will actually lead to more competition and mor efficiency,better services as a result.and besides that aviation reform is in place now to allow foreign carriers into our domestic routes for more competition for the market and modernizing air traffic control,improveing airport capacity,etc.this is all going to benefit air let competition and free market sort out the winners and losers,right?

  2. The DOJ decision to file suit against the merger of American airlines and us air is a bad decision. government regulators in our country sometimes cause monopolies in commerce.when they pick and choose and influenced by lobbyists/influence peddlers.

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