X-Ring Security Opens Indoor Shooting Range in Waipahu

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The newest range on Oahu opened its doors recently in Waipahu, offering West Oahu residents a state of the art facility for recreational shooting or training. The operation is run by X-Ring Security, a long-time gun shop. I’ve been a customer of theirs for years and can attest to their reputation for integrity and fair prices.

The 25 yard range offers 9 shooting lanes with a wireless, programmable, turning target system. This technology rapidly positions the target at the desired distance providing a variety of scenarios. It’s ideal for training everyone from law enforcement or security personnel to weekend warriors who need to sharpen their skills.


xring4Brian Takaba, manager at X-Ring, said that the range offers a venue for both first time and experienced shooters. “We have the only indoor civilian range in the area and which means West Oahu residents don’t have to travel far to shoot.”

One of the most important components says Takaba, “is our climate controlled ventilation system which keeps the particulates and gas discharged from the firearms moving away from customers.”

The range ventilation system is designed to meet all applicable EPA, OSHA and NIOSH air quality standards.

To join the facility you must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone under the age of 18, must be supervised by their parent or legal guardian at all times and is only allowed admittance as a guest. Discounts are offered for Law Enforcement and Military.

What you need to know:

Range Fee – Per Hour                                

Adult $20

Military  $15

Law Enforcement  $15

Minor (13 years+) $12


Handgun Rental $20

Long Gun Rental $25

Ear & Eye Protection Set $2


X-Ring offers personal coaching sessions for $29.95 (30 minutes). Management recommends this for first-time shooters or anyone who wants to brush up on their skills. They have a huge selection of targets (including two-player targets) that are fun and exciting to keep you on target.

Group coaching session are also available. Please email us at sales@xringsecurity.com for group rates and reservation requests.

Basic Handgun Safety Course – $199

What you will learn:

  • The common types of handguns (revolver, semi-auto, single action, double action)
  • How to load, operate, and unload each type
  • How it works, how to identify it, what can go wrong
  • How to store your firearms and ammunition
  • How to legally and safely transport your firearms and ammunition

After you complete this course you will also receive:

  • One hour free range time
  • One free target
  • 50% off firearm rental
  • 10% off first handgun

You can contact X-Ring by calling (808) 676-7464 or visiting X-ring Security.




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