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BY SAM SLOM –  Hope your Christmas was Merry. Are you ready for the New Year? “The Year of the Rabbit?” Most of us are very glad to say Aloha to 2010.

Good riddance to the 111th U.S. Congress as well, the least respected Congress in modern times. It is responsible for more spending and debt than the first 100 Congresses combined.


Weather-wise, lucky you live Hawaii!  Have you noticed that our worst weather coincides every year (for the past three) with the arrival and stay in Kailua of President Obama?

Did you remember to reserve your place for SBH’s 35th annual business and investment conference, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 in the Ala Moana Hotel?  Bestselling author and popular radio talk show host, Michael Medved will keynote and is expected to broadcast live from the hotel. Charley Memminger will provide the spice and humor.  The Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Mike McCartney will bring you thoughts for optimism. Many other fine business and community speakers are lined up including: Marcus Bender (Kai Vodka), Debi Halcro (Valenti Print Group) and James Kerr (Super Geeks). A media panel will feature The Franklin Center’s Jason Strevak and veteran business reporters, Jim Dooley, Matt Levi, Malia Zimmerman and Greg Wiles. Political leaders and Super Met Sid Fernandez will also join the Conference. Call Darlyn to reserve at 396-1724 NOW!

Funeral today for United States District Court Judge and co-author of “Broken Trust” Sam King, 94, at 2 pm  in St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Expect a tremendous crowd. Judge King was the best the judicial system has to offer and was a man among men; always with a wink in his eye.

You gotta hand it to Young Brothers (really, you gotta hand it to them if you are an interisland shipper). They announced they will seek a whopping 24% increase (on top of other recent increases) because, as noted in this column weeks ago, YB doesn’t want any competition, especially from PASHA Hawaii. They have been losing business because of a sour economy but use this hike as leverage against any other shipper. Best part: the rate increase they seek wouldn’t go into effect until August, 2011, giving them plenty of time to lobby the PUC and Legislature to once more to get their way.

Are there high levels of Chromium 6 in Honolulu’s water? Maybe. Are they cancer causing? Probably not. The mini debate has raged for the past 2 weeks with charges flying. The EPA says go have a drink of water.

A giant in land development in Hawaii, Herbert Kazuo Horita, died last week.  Horita was known for homes in the Aiea, Pearl City, Kunia area but he was also recognized for his vision and the first planning for what is now Ko Olina.

Want to buy some Hawaiian Telcom stock? You can get Hawaiian Telcom HOLDCO, Inc. The firm emerged from bankruptcy and is now publicly trading its stock in preparation for full listing on the NASDAQ.

At 6 pm today, there will be a new City Councilmember for the Ewa/Kapolei area. The special mail-in ballot is due today. A total of 47,000 were mailed out; as of yesterday, less than 11,000 had been returned. There are 12 candidates vying for the position to replace former Council Chair Todd Apo who resigned last month to accept an executive position with Disney at Ko Olina.

Several weeks ago the City Council passed an ordinance making it illegal for the homeless or anyone else to sleep on or block the public sidewalks. It hasn’t been enforced. The ACLU, as usual, threatened to sue. $250,000 in signage may be needed. One guy who got it right is Greg Cuadra, vice chair of the McCully-Moiliili Neighborhood Board, who said,  “What really upsets me about this bill is that it seems like the City Council is so afraid of the ACLU that they won’t pass laws that really help the public.” Applies to the state also.

Hawaii’s original Dunkin’ Doughnuts shop in Aina Haina Shopping Center is no more. Bulldozed to make way for a new McDonald’s on the site. Hawaii’s first McDonald’s (1968) next door will move into new quarters soon without any interruption in service. Fate of the original McDonald’s building unknown at this time.

The Rasmussen Reports Update yesterday reported that just 21% want the FCC to regulate the Internet, while 56% fear regulation would promote a political agenda. Most people say Internet users are best served by competition, not regulation. Agree?

The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) will close the Waikiki-Diamond Head Shoreline Fisheries Management Area (FMA), O’ahu, to fishing for one year, beginning January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011.  “Closing this near shore area to all fishing in odd-numbered years has been the historical means of replenishing fish populations. Opening them in even-numbered years then offers a good fishing experience,” said William J. Aila, Jr., the new DLNR Chairperson.

The fisheries management area encompasses the near shore waters between the ‘Ewa wall of the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium and the Diamond Head Lighthouse, and from the high-water mark on shore to a minimum seaward distance of 500 yards, or to the edge of the fringing reef if one occurs beyond 500 yards.   Fishing is also not allowed at any time in the adjoining Waikiki Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD) between the ‘Ewa edge of the Natatorium and the ‘Ewa edge of the Kapahulu groin (seawall).

Anyone who violates the provisions of this rule may be guilty of a petty misdemeanor, and /or subject to an administrative fine.

Lloyd Y. Kimura, 61, president of Maui Industrial Loan & Finance Company and former president of Lloyd Y. Kimura, Inc. in Wailuku, has been charged with two counts of Prohibited Securities Practice and two counts of False or Misleading Financial Statement. The Department of the Attorney General filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of the Second Circuit on December 20, 2010, alleging that between June 30, 2008, to and including June 30, 2009, Kimura filed false or misleading statements and omitted statements required by law in Verification Statements of Maui Industrial Loan & Finance Company that were filed with the Financial Institutions Division of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Prohibited Securities Practice is a class A felony with a maximum penalty of twenty years of imprisonment or a fine of $50,000 or both.  False or Misleading Financial Statement is a class C felony with a maximum penalty of five years of imprisonment or a fine of $20,000 or both. A complaint is only an accusation, and Kimura is presumed innocent unless and until he is found guilty by a judge or jury.

Sad to report the death of radio announcer Fred Foy last week. He was the voice of “The Lone Ranger’ radio and TV openings.

The UH v. Tulsa Christmas Eve football game (“Go ‘Bows!”) in the Sheraton Aloha Bowl was another post-season disappointment (three years in a row) after a great 10-3 season. Who made UH a “15 point favorite?” Final score was 62-35, Tulsa. UH QB Bryant Moniz had his worst game; Eli Manning of the NY Giants can relate. Just goes to show, outcomes are on the field with real players, just like in business, not on a computer from experts or gamblers.

Ho-hum, yet another week went by and still no elected Speaker of the House at press time. Rep. Calvin Say has insisted for a month that he is only one-vote short of control. The dissidents and newly elected Reps have dug in and apparently aren’t willing to deal. But, hey, this is politics, not business, and anything can change.

The State Senate will shortly release a report on its investigation of state Budget & Finance investment with Citigroup Global and the former Attorney General’s settlement with the securities firm. The issue is not over yet.

Tonight, Wednesday, December 29, hear Sheriff Richard Mack Discuss implications of the 10th Amendment: Power to the People, Limits on Government. Veterans Center, Foster Village, Oahu,1298 Kukila Street, 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Admission: $20. Discussion topics will be the Tea Party, American Idealism, national debt and the greatest threat to America -The Federal Government. RSVP to Sirius Event Planning at or call 808-285-8591.

While there is no scheduled monthly SBH Sunrise Networking breakfast in December. Sunrise will return Thursday, January 27 at the Pineapple Room, Macy’s Ala Moana, 7-8:30 am with guest speaker, Shiro -Hawaii’s Saimin King- Matsuo. Call Darlyn at SBH 396-1724 for reservations.

And, SBH’s 35th annual business and investment conference is Wednesday, January 12, 2011 in the Ala Moana Hotel.  Best selling author and popular radio talk show host, from the hotel. Many other fine business and community speakers are lined up including: Marcus Bender (Kai Vodka), Debi Halcro (Valenti Print Group) and James Kerr (SuperGeeks). A media panel will feature The Franklin Center’s Jason Strevak and veteran business reporters. Political leaders and Super Met Sid Fernandez will also join the Conference. Call Darlyn to reserve a seat at 396-1724

Your business press releases are welcome in the weekly SBH News & Views E-Blast which reaches more than 8,000 business owners and government leaders in Hawaii. Not receiving your copy? Send PR, additional requests and email address to or call Darlyn at 396-1724.

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Mahalo to all of our business colleagues in Hawaii who have persevered for another year in difficult circumstances. Hopefully, in 2011, we will not only survive, but prosper.





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