Zogby Interactive: 63% Would Prefer Doing All Holiday Shopping Online Rather Than at the Mall

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BY JOHN ZOGBY – UTICA, New York – A Zogby Interactive poll finds that 63% of U.S. adults would rather do all of their holiday shopping online than braving the local malls, and that 64% plan to make holiday purchases online this year.

On the other hand, even though 86% say they have made online holiday gift purchases in the past, 31% prefer to do all their shopping at the mall this year, and 22% do not plan to buy any gifts online at all


Those results are very similar to those given by U.S. adults in a Zogby poll conducted last year, when 61% preferred exclusively shopping on the Internet, 23% said they would rather shop at the mall, and 69% said they planned to purchase holiday gifts online.