ZOGBY: Voters Will Greet Winners With Skepticism

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By JOHN ZOGBY – Beyond the victory of Republicans over Democrats last night, the biggest loser may be people’s faith in government and its ability to bring voters economy security.

Exit polls found 87% worried about the economy, 41% saying they are now worse off financially and 26% angry with the federal government. A Twitter poll conducted in 47 states showed a majority of people in each state saying they were voting against someone, and not in support of their choice.


For months, we have been reporting the severe loss of confidence in all of our national institutions, topped by disdain for government and Wall Street.

Earlier this year, a Zogby Interactive poll showed only 41% had any confidence in federal and state governments and the numbers were even lower for corporations (38%), national and regional banks (33%), Wall Street (31%), labor unions (31%) and news media (21%.)

Winners of this election can celebrate tonight. But tomorrow they will still face a disaffected electorate that will continue to see elected officials with great skepticism and very little good will.