A Helping Hand for Hurricane Victims

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In support of ”’Blog For Relief Day,”’ and the victims of Hurricane Katrina, my wife Deborah and I decided to get creative and try to catalyze some action from our business coaching clients and business owners who read our blogs.

So we issued $1,000 matching challenge on biz-ownersblog.com on
the afternoon of Aug. 31, 2005.


We had hoped to get at least $1,000 in donations that we could
match — but what happened in less than 24 hours blew us away.

We received proof of over $11,500 in donations by 11:59 p.m.
Sept. 1.

With our matching challenge amount of $1,000 we are humbled to have catalyzed $12,500 in donations for victims of hurricane Katrina in just 24-hours.

The total tracked over at truthlaidbear.com was approaching
$350,000 at midnight Hawaii time last night. That total is now
exceeding $400,000.

Get the details at https://www.biz-ownersblog.com We look forward
to you joining us in generating more donations for victims of
hurricane Katrina.

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