Time of Conflict Affords Opportunity-Perspective from the Waiohuli Homestead

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For those of us who look at the Hawaiian “plight” as a time for opportunity, we will always maintain an attitude that the proverbial “cup” is half full and not half empty.

The Biblical analogy of a boy “Kawika” (David) who was able to render a formidable giant aggressor (Goliath) futile, exemplifies the opportunity that our culture will gain by knowing our weapon of choice.


“Kawika” trusted in his sling and chose 5 perfect stones, making a single calculated throw that literally brought the Giant down.

The Giant that faces Hawaiians although political is still only “Kino” (Physical/Political), “for we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness in high places”.

We must know what are the most “viable” tool, option, and initiative(s), which will result in the optimum outcome for our people.

For those who are truly seeking the optimum agenda of sovereignty, one must inquire and makaala the initiative pursuant to the Reinstated Hawaiian Government.

Many Akaka supporters comment that “we will never get rid of America”. That maybe true, however this should not be the reason for support of the Akaka Bill. The contention toward America is; “Uncle Sam we love you, you’ve been with us through good and bad times, but it’s now time you pay your fare share of rent”.

Beginning with legal Hawaii Drivers Licenses and License Plates by September 2005, things will quickly move into “commerce”, business licenses and exemptions.

Whether the State of Hawaii’s Supreme Court defers legal action to the famous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, then subsequently to the Supreme Court, this will settle every tittle of legality in the Federal Courts, where through jurisprudence of Hawaii’s defacto authority, the issue will be resolved.

So fret not and hold no contempt toward one another, prioritize your efforts and see the truth in the Reinstated Initiative.

”’Charley Villalon is a Waiohuli Homesteader on the island of Maui. He can be reached via email at”’ mailto:Charles.Villalon@co.maui.hi.us