A Note from a Colorado Senator

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Ever since I fell in love with American politics back in the 1950s as a high-school Republican (and nephew of a state senator), I have believed that better government starts with better thinking. This conviction made me an editor, broadcaster, and think-tank entrepreneur before I ever ran for office. It’s reflected in the “Typewriter Service” neon sign and collection of antique typewriters in my Senate office. It led me to start Andrews’ America, a monthly journal of ideas, in 1994, and to put it on the web in 2000. AndrewsAmerica.com has just been updated and expanded. I invite you to visit there soon, and come back frequently during the challenging new year ahead. My journal, the Backbone Weekly commentary, and our Head On TV debates are all there. New at the site is an articles library, THINK RIGHT, along with an open forum for discussion of any topic at the reader’s choice, TALK BACK. Plus reports on my work in the Senate and a variety of Web links you’ll find useful. To think right can mean to reason well, to grasp truth, or to be conservative — or all three. What does it mean to you? Go to TALK BACK on our home page and have your say. Was Lott lynched? is one of the current topics there. How should we prioritize funding for highways vs. transit? is another. Please join the dialogue. As we enter a new year with reminders of America’s economic vulnerability, world leadership responsibilities, and the anti-terror cold war perhaps soon turning hot, remember that ours is the only national anthem that begins and ends with a question. How those questions are answered, each generation must determine. Our testing time is now. The thinking you’ll find at AndrewsAmerica.com, and the conversation going on there, are meant to help all of us as citizens meet the test. Thank you for taking a look. Yours for self-government. ”John Andrews is President-elect of the Colorado Senate.”