Aloha to Republican Members and Supporters

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As the new Chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party, I want to bring your attention to an opportunity that has not come along too often in Hawaii’s history since statehood. We have the very real possibility of electing a Republican to Congress to represent the people of Hawaii. On January 4th, there will be a Special Election in the Second Congressional District to fill the seat recently held by the late Patsy Mink. The Second District includes the Neighbor Islands, as well as, the Windward Side, North Shore and Waianae Coast of Oahu.

Last month, the people of Hawaii took an enormous step in choosing who should lead our state into the future by electing our new Republican Governor, Linda Lingle. And yet the Democrat Party apparently does not hear the voices of Hawaii’s people because they continue to offer us many of the old familiar names intertwined with all of the corruption associated with the Democrat Party and the “Old Boy Network.”


All of Hawaii needs to be represented in Congress, not just those in Honolulu, and not just the Democrats. We Republicans deserve to have our voices heard in Washington, as well, on the issues that concern us the most. No one running as a Democrat can or will do that for us. I ask your help to bring true representation to this state.

Hawaii needs a Republican Congressman who can work with a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican President. I urge you help bring accountability to our state by considering one of our qualified Republican candidates.

For your convenience, I have enclosed a list of Republican Candidates with Web sites for the second congressional district special election. For a complete listing of candidates for the January 4th Special Election, you can also go online at If you have a moment, please take the time to review their respective qualifications. Your support on Jan. 4, 2003 will make the difference.

Mahalo for your time.

Doug Fairhurst

Carolyn Golojuch

Kimo Kaloi

Bob McDermott

Barbara Marumoto

Nelson Secretario

”’Brennon T. Morioka is the chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party.”’