‘Abercrombie Republicans’ Will Surrender The Governor’s Seat To The Democrats In November

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BY DANNY DE GRACIA II – All across Hawaii I hear so many well-intentioned but ultimately misguided Republicans saying “I can’t stand Mufi Hannemann’s style of leadership, so I’m going to vote for Abercrombie in the Democratic Primary and Aiona in the General.” I have words for any Republican who wishes to be a dilettante in the Democratic Primary: if you vote for Abercrombie on September 18th, you ensure that the Democrats will take back control of the Executive Branch on November 2nd. Inasmuch as Republicans all across America voting for Hillary Clinton in Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” failed to prevent Barack Obama from ultimately winning the Presidency, so any attempt of Republicans to tinker in Democratic Party candidate selection will only result in an electoral blowback that they will severely regret for the next four and even eight years.


Former U.S. Representative Ed Case’s demonization of Mufi Hannemann as “the most dangerous politician in a generation” and plea to Republicans to ally with Democrats in the Democratic Primary against Hannemann neglects to mention the fact that Neil Abercrombie’s supposedly safe ideals and platform revolve around transforming Hawaii through the aggressive pursuit of massive injections of Federal dollars to throw at local non-profits, industries and research. In case Hawaii Republicans sucked into Case’s rhetoric haven’t been reading the newspaper or watching the news, the People’s Republic of China – the largest holder of U.S. Treasury securities – is dumping the dollar because they, like everyone else, know that U.S. government’s ego is writing checks that the American people can’t cash. If Neil Abercrombie and others like him across America take gubernatorial offices in this time of severe fiscal crisis, we will see a budget shortfall like never before, hyperinflation and yes, sovereign default.

In July 2009, the Chinese had $936.5 billion in Treasury securities. As of last published count, they held $843.7. They are ditching dollars to save their investments, while America’s leaders are spending dollars out of control to supposedly save ours. The rest of the world knows that America’s dollar is in trouble but Neil Abercrombie and his fellows seem to think that throwing more borrowed cash into a fire, printing dollars out of thin air at the Federal Reserve, redistributing wealth from one class to another and building and buying things we can’t afford are the way to building a better Hawaii. With ideas like that, you tell me who is the most dangerous politician in a generation!

Do you want a Hawaii where a devalued currency results in gas at $40 a gallon or a loaf of bread at $100? If you vote for Abercrombie, then you better get used to that concept because his policies will destroy the economy and currency of Hawaii and America.

We can’t afford to make any further mistakes and play games with America’s future. If you’re a Republican, then don’t pull a Democratic ballot on September 18th. Use that election as a referendum against the failed policies of the Democratic Party – it may be your last opportunity to do so.

Danny de Gracia is a resident of Waipahu. Reach him at daniel.degracia@gmail.com





  1. Not to mention that Abercrombie plans on legalizing anything and everything illegal…This atheist Socialist Democrat has the same agenda for Hawaii that his president has inflicted on the nation. It is a sad day for Hawaii when Abercrombie is considered the lesser of two evils.

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