GOP Crossover to Hawaii Democrat Gubernatorial Primary is a Must

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BY EARL ARAKAKI AND GARRY P. SMITH – Hawaii GOP executive director Dylan Nonaka recently sent an email to all Hawaii GOP members imploring them not to vote in the Democrat primary on Sep. 18. He recommends leaving the decision up to Hawaii Democrats to choose the right candidate to run against GOP candidate Duke Aiona in the general.

Why should Republicans leave it up to the Democrats?  Hawaii has an open primary, unlike some states that require you to register with the party that you are going to vote for in the Primary.   With two strong candidates running against each other in the Democrat primary, the Republican cross over vote could be the deciding factor on who goes to the general election.  We are going to vote for Neil Abercrombie, and here’s the reasons why that is correct for Republicans to do:


We need to immediately get rid of Mufi Hannemann. We are not Abercrombie fans at all but in the race of Neil vs. Mufi, he is the lesser evil.  The quickest and simplest way to knock off Hannemann is in the primary.  Even Stevie Wonder can see Duke Aiona is going to have a tough time winning in the general vs. Mufi or Abercombie should the worst case scenario occur and Duke Aiona loses at least Mufi won’t be the Governor.

No matter Democrat or Republican ballot in the primary we can still vote for Panos Prevedouros and hopefully rid ourselves of Kirk “Mufi Jr.” Caldwell and former Prosecutor Peter Carlisle.

The Mayors race is ” non partisan” so regardless of which party we vote for we can still vote in the Mayors race.

Nonaka writes for Republicans to vote Democrat in the primary “is not effective…never worked…no evidence this ever working…”  How does he know?  He’s guessing.  So what in the Ed Case/Daniel Akaka U.S. Senate race, Case lost by 10 points.

That doesn’t prove, or disprove, that Republican crossovers don’t work .  What…? He knew exactly how Republican (or Democrat) crossovers voted?  For Nonaka to imply it’s a wasted vote is undemocratic.  The act of personal voting in and of itself is a sacred end result of individual choice after thought and contemplating.  Never a wasted vote.  Not taking part in voting is a real waste.  After all wars were fought, lives were lost for our right as individuals to choose and vote however we see fit.  I don’t need Nonaka to tell me which ballot to choose.  He may tell me who, or what candidate he would like me to vote for, and why.  But in the end don’t narrow down my rights to choose a primary ballot.

“…crossover votes will get cancelled out and have no effect at all,” Nonaka writes.   Canceling out votes is inherent in the system.  I.e.  “Case lost by 10 points.”  didn’t the other 90 points cancel each other out?  It;s the “nature of the beast.”  Happens every election, primary or general.  It doesn’t take a math whiz or even a calculator to figure that one out.

Nonaka describes reasons people will be choosing a Democrat candidate for Governor.  “Moderate vs. supposedly easier to beat…”  That may be some peoples reasoning.  However, our reason is simple our pocketbooks.  Mufi taxed the hell out of us at every city department/services.   He would continue at the state level.  Mufi brags about how he manages and balances the budget.  Anyone can do that by constantly raising taxes.   It’s like those Aloun Farm slave owners.   Big business and name politicians are rallying their support citing their successful farm and agriculture contributions to the state.  Hell, anyone can do that with slave labor.   Didn’t they watch “Gone With The Wind?”  Don’t they “give a damn.”

Nonaka in five paragraphs cites the importance of Republicans sticking with Republicans.  However, in paragraph five, he returns to American values of the individual decision and right of the individual vote.   Glenn Beck the other day compared “Collectivism” versus “Individualism”  and the dangers of “Collectivism” and importance of “Individualism.”

That’s why we have constitutionally protected individual rights.  Rights which prevent a collective government (or in this case a collective political party) from running every aspect of our “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”   That’s why there are curtains on the voting booths.  It’s a individual personal vote.  Nonaka is encouraging collective (Republican Party) staying within party lines.  Sometimes one has to make an individual choice for the lesser evil (Abercrombie) even when  s/he really is not happy with the whole lot.

Look at all the Collectivism around us besides political parties.  I.e. Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Indian Tribes, Filipino and Hawaiian Legislative Caucus, Religious groups, unions.  But when we’ve had it with Collectivism in America, we can fall back on our individual constitutional protections.

We don’t think any conservative-minded individual wants to wake up this September 19th only to find that Mufi Hannemann might be Governor and Kirk Caldwell is Mayor.

Oped written by Ewa Beach residents Earl Arakaki and Garry Smith