Aiona: Taking a strong stand

Former Lt Gov Duke Aiona
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Former Lt Gov Duke Aiona
Former Lt Gov Duke Aiona

REPORT FROM DUKE AIONA’S CAMPAIGN FOR GOVERNOR – Last night’s debate on PBS Insights included four gubernatorial candidates including Duke Aiona.

Duke was prepared to stood firm on his vision to make Hawai‘i a better place for YOU by lowering the cost of living and encouraging affordable housing in Kaka‘ako.


During key moments of the debate, Duke asked each candidate about their positions on issues, particularly their history of raising taxes.

David Ige presented himself as an agent of change, but was one of the top-ranking legislators in charge of implementing the policies that have seen Hawai‘i burdened with bigger bills and higher taxes. 

In fact, Senator Ige’s record on these issues puts him at odds with Hawai‘i voters seeking a lower cost of living:

General Excise Tax

Senator Ige supported a 25% hike in the general excise tax in his committee in 2011,only to be met with a revolt from his own party. The general excise tax would affect nearly every single family in Hawai‘i and would certainly make a high cost of living worse. (HB 793)

Pension Tax

Senator Ige introduced a bill that taxes pensions, hurting the elderly and the retired.Tonight, when pressed on why he would ever even consider such a bill, Ige did his best to dodge by saying it was something he did not support. But the fact remains that he took the initiative to introduce it in 2003. (SB438)

Soda Tax

Despite the shocking costs at the grocery store, Senator Ige even introduced a bill to tax soda and juices in 2011. Clearly Senator Ige doesn’t understand that Hawaii voters are demanding measures to lower the cost of living, not increase it further. (SB1179)

Bottom line: Duke continued to offer solutions while David Ige mislead voters by trying to claim the title of change agent and failing to mention his record of making it harder to afford to live in our beautiful state.