Hannemann: Executive Leadership Experience ‘Unmatched’

Mufi Hannemann
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Mufi Hannemann
Mufi Hannemann

REPORT FROM MUFI HANNEMANN’S CAMPAIGN FOR GOVERNOR –  In keeping with its mission, last night INSIGHTS ON PBS HAWAII hosted a round-table forum with the four gubernatorial candidates.  In PBS’s own words, “The contest to become Hawaii’s next governor on November 4 is shaping up to be a horserace with no clear frontrunner.”

The format of the forum allowed for questions from the viewers as well as unscripted questions from the moderator.  Therefore, the candidates’ positions on leadership experience, the University of Hawaii, unions, religion, Kakaako, taxing seniors’ pension, economy, state hospital system, and interisland ferry system were part of the lively one hour discussion.


Clearly, Independent candidate Mufi Hannemann articulated his proven track record on executive leadership and his ability and desire to get things done in a collaborative manner on behalf of the people.  Case in point, Hannemann was the first to

commit to bringing back an interisland ferry system.  Initially, the Democrat candidate said he would study the issue and the Republican candidate had no comment.  Last night, all the gubernatorial candidates went on record to agree an interisland ferry system is needed, as long as it is done the right way.

Hannemann is also the first candidate to declare his support for a public-private partnership to address the insolvent Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) which he re-iterated in the forum last evening.  According to HHSC’s own financial statements, it had an operating loss last year of $164 million. Its unfunded liabilities to retirees are $267 million. It has long-term debts and other long-term liabilities of $125 million, of which $36 million is owed to the State of Hawaii. He questioned why in the last legislative session, the Democratic candidate for governor, who chairs the Senate Ways and Means Committee could not move a public-private partnership bill that could have provided a solution to rescue our state hospitals as well as the shortsightedness of cutting funding for the John A Burns School of Medicine in light of a chronic shortage of doctors in our community. For information on Hannemann’s position, go to https://vote4mufi.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/healthcare-final.pdf.

Interested citizens can view the hour-long forum on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. or go tohttps://www.pbshawaii.org/ourproductions/insight.php.

To learn more about Independent candidate Governor and Lt. Governor, Mufi Hannemann and Les Chang, go to Hannemann’s “Common Ground for Common Good” platform at https://votemufi.com/.






  1. "…….desire to get things done in a collaborative manner on behalf of the people. …"
    Although it should be one of the easiest advantages, we are finding out how MUFI's collaborative manner is tracked by the money we actually spent on the council members.
    Case at this point; embattled Cachola claims prior to voting on key measures related to rail, construction and re-zoning, the council was "wined & dined"
    The lack of disclosure voids his votes on the issues, although erasing his vote alone does not change the outcome on 100 measures the commission reviewed. But Cachola compiled a list of council colleagues he said were at the same events, and says erasing their votes would invalidate many laws.
    If his vote is void, everyone else are void, well it;s all rail and other things, but the biggest thing in the history of this county is rail,…"
    MORE AT: https://khon2.com/2014/09/29/former-council-member

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