Appalled by Animal Quarantine in Hawaii

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I just wanted to let you know how appalled I am by the animal quarantine enforced by Hawaii. I’m very happy to hear that a Coalition is fighting to end this savage treatment for our animals.

I am a Registered Nurse and have visited your state several times. I am planning on looking into doing some travel nursing in Hawaii in a few years when my son goes off to college. However, I just can’t see myself parting with my Golden Retriever “Shadow” or subjecting him to that kind of cruelty and abuse.


I hope this Coalition group, which I have now joined, can get these outdated law eradicated by the time that I plan to spend there, not only for me but for everyone who wants to bring their beloved pets into the state.

It is very shameful to me as an American that in our world of medicine and technology that the state of Hawaii has to rely on something that is outdated, ridiculous and cruel.

”’Cindy McClure is an R.N. in New Baltimore, MI and can be reached via email at:”’