Response to: What You Should Know About War and the Economy-Economically Speaking, Peace is Preferable to War; Wining is Expensive But Losing Costs More

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Although I agree that military spending is bad for the economy, social program spending is even more so. The war on drugs is by far money worse spent.


A lot of military spending goes toward the development of new weapons. The use of those weapons is bad economically as the broken window example illustrates.

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However, the development of new weapons is good economically for a few reasons. One, there are indeed beneficial scientific, engineering and commercial spin-offs from weapons programs. Two, superior weapons are a good deterrent toward war, especially when linked with an administration that puts the weapons to use when necessary as in Desert Storm. Less collateral damage results from a surgical strike with smart bombs and is indeed preferable to dropping a larger, less accurate bomb. The new unmanned, remotely controlled reconnaissance and attack aircraft are preferable to putting American pilots at risk.

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Also, currently under development is the first airborne laser weapon, which could be used to intercept Scud missiles.

A lot of the anti-war rhetoric focuses on the war on Iraq. Let us not forget that Iraq is merely the first target of the war on terrorism. It is hoped that a swift, decisive victory in Iraq will motivate other countries, which currently sponsor terrorism, to clean their own houses. If this does not happen there will be war beyond Iraq.

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