Bird Lovers United at the State Capitol

Photo courtesy Hawaiian Humane Society
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Photo courtesy Hawaiian Humane Society

There’s been an unusual fight at the legislature this year – no not the one over gambling, same sex marriage or sugar taxes. This one is over bird feeding.

The Feral Bird Bill, which aims to curb the problem of bird droppings, prohibits the feeding of any “wild or feral bird.” Chickens are the exception.


Those caught feeding the birds a second time or any time after that would be prosecuted as if they had committed a petty misdemeanor.

Under this amended version, the Hawaiian Humane Society said residents would not even be able to use a bird feeder.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is opposed to the bill and asking “bird lovers” to submit testimony in opposition today by going to the  Feral Bird Bill on the legislative web site.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear the bill on Thursday at 10:30 a.m.