Law Enforcement, Community Groups Rally at the Capitol to Oppose Marijuana Decriminalization Proposal

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Photo courtesy of Reason

Bills to legalize marijuana in Hawaii like lawmakers did last year in Washington and Colorado seemed to have momentum at the beginning of Hawaii’s legislative session, but the bills died.

However, Hawaii lawmakers are moving forward with a bill to decriminalize marijuana.


Marijuana possession and use would still be illegal without a medical marijuana license, but the punishment for getting caught with marijuana would be a civil fine of $100 not arrest and possible jail time.

But there are some law enforcement and others in the community opposed to decriminalization and they are planning a rally of their own at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 26, at 4 p.m..

Among their concerns are that repeat offenders will have no consequences other than additional fines, and that children will become addicted to the drug.

Some of the many groups sponsoring today’s rally include the Coalition for a Drug Free Hawaii, Coalition for a Drug Free Lanai and Hawaii Family Advocates. Hawaii law enforcement are also participating.





  1. Maybe it is all about jobs. The police force and DEA might have to stop joy-riding around Hawaii in their helicopters and do real work. For decades the government has tried various means to stop marijuana. Darn science let everyone down by failing to find anything of any significance wrong with it. Please tell me they are not actually peddling the lie that children will become addicted. That my friends is true DOPE PEDDLING.

  2. It has become painfully obvious that the harms of prohibition of marijuana far outweigh the harms of legalizing. The cops are interested in maintaining the status quo because of the MONEY.

  3. Does any of the marijuana bill pushers ever have a problem that teens smoke weed? Or that they buy and sell it to each other? Of course not.

    Does any of these Pam Lichty, Roger Christie, Petricci, Tischler, von Hartman, clowns ever worry about SAT scores of Hawaiian pupils? High school drop-out rates? Family disintegration? Local teenage pregnancy rates skyrocketing? More and more unemployable dope users? Doctors having to refuse surgery because the patients are chronic drug users?

    Of course not. They only want to have a law abolished which apparently works quite well against them. Since 30+ years the drug war is being won against them bit by bit.

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