Book Review: 'The Chilling Stars; A New Theory of Climate Change'

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”’This is a book review of ‘The Chilling Stars; A New Theory of Climate Change’ written by Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder, Copyright 2007”’

This extremely important book summarizes the most recent findings in the physics of global warming. New geological findings are also described which rely upon similar physics for their explanation. It not only advances our knowledge of the workings of our solar system and its interactions with cosmic radiation, it offers scientifically valid descriptions of the early history of the Earth hundreds of millions of year ago. It also describes a plausible theory of climate physics to explain the cause of the current global warming. It is backed up with some excellent new experimental physics data.


To make advances in science one must be trained intellectually, as well as having a ready eye for the world around. Svensmark and his team certainly had prepared minds and ready eyes.

The research work by Svensmark and others at the Danish National Space Center has been innovative and cutting edge. As scientist Eugene Parker (discoverer of the solar wind) cites in the forward, Svensmark recognized the importance of cloud cover in the temperature control of the planet, since they are highly reflective of incoming light from the Sun.

He also recognized that the individual water droplets that make up a cloud are formed when ions (charged particles) are created by passing cosmic ray particles. These established the connection between cloud formation and cosmic radiation intensity. The more cosmic rays, the more clouds are formed, and the cooler is the climate. Fewer clouds create warming.

Many were baffled for years when seeing variations of solar magnetic field strength which compared closely with extent of cloud cover and temperature variations. There was strong correlation but little explanation. The work of Svensmark has provided many of the answers. With supporting climate and physics data collected from experiments around the world the physics underlying global warming is now plausible and compelling. Confirmatory tests are continuing.