Businessman Dennis Mitsunaga Rebuts ‘Personal Smears’ by Pacific Resource Partnership’s John White

SORRY: John White, executive director of PRP Hawaii, apologized to Cayetano as a part of the settlement
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John D. White Jr. (PRP photo)

BY DENNIS MITSUNAGA – I am here to set the record straight in regards to the personal attacks by John White from the Carpenters Union.

My company has been a member of the Carpenters Union for nearly 50 years and I have great respect for our union, but I am very disappointed by John White and the outright lies he has used to smear former Governor Ben Cayetano and myself in his recent ads.


I say that John White is a total hypocrite because when he ran for City Council and lost to Ernie Martin, he called my office many times and even showed up unannounced to ask for my help to raise money for him, and now he smears me and my company with false accusations.

This same John White is now being personally investigated by the Campaign Spending Commission for his own illegal activities as reported in Civil Beat.

I hope that the people of Hawaii will not pay attention to anything else coming from this hypocrite.  My name and my company was smeared by him for political gain. I run a very successful and ethical engineering firm with contracts worldwide that have nothing to do with pay to play as he claims. We win contracts because we are highly qualified, and for no other reason.