Sunday, July 25, 2021
Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker Broadcast. Preparing our high school students for successful careers is critical. And Shayne Greenland at Campbell High School is doing this very well and the kids love it!! This is the type of practical education that needs to be in all out schools.  Of course...
Educating our youth for employment and careers has changed. Unfortunately our education system does not embrace this reality (some educators do try). Learn more on how you can help with the transformation.
The last show of the year focuses on tax reform and Hawaii's economic diversification, or lack thereof. Very fast paced discussion. Tax reform - Something for almost everyone, especially small businesses.  Most individuals will save on their 2018 taxes.  Some will save a lot.  Be prepared and work with your...
These two ladies were so much fun and had a great message to share. Leaving the corporate world to roll the dice on starting your own business is very scary! But boy are they having so much fun and helping people too!!  
Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker Lorraine Minatoishi has done what most women can not. She is highly successful in a male dominated industry. Learn how she did it in this week's Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker show.
Aloha!! Welcome to the Business in Hawaii Show with Reg Baker and Carl Williams. What happens when you get two “very experienced” CPA’s on the same show? Actually, more than you might expect!! Carl Williams who has about 40 years’ experience and I with about 35 years’ experience had a lot of...
These two fantastic ladies stole the show today!!  Learned so much about growing flowers, plants and all kinds of things here in Hawaii. Watch this show and be prepared to learn!  Aloha, Reg  
Hawaii Five O stuntman shares his story about getting into the acting business.  Not an easy process and patience is one of the keys to success in acting.  Not to mention knowing people and having some outstanding skills!  
Wow! What a fantastic story! We are so lucky to have Michael Titterton and the Symphony in Hawaii. Truly an amazing story about how a few people in Hawaii was able to make such a huge impact on our community.
If you are having a hard time finding qualified workers you need to watch this!! A powerful secret is revealed to find qualified workers fast.