Charles Djou: Incumbent, Underdog

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BY AARON BLAKE FOR WASHINGTON POST – Newly elected Hawaii Republican Rep. Charles Djou knows what it’s like to be a challenger and an open seat candidate, and underdog and a favorite, a nobody and the toast of the town.

And that’s just in the last two months.


Now, Djou enters a new stage in his political career: embattled incumbent. After easily winning a three-way special election in the more conservative — but still dang Democratic — House district in a May 22 special election, Djou enters an abbreviated 2010 reelection campaign as one of a handful of deeply endangered GOP incumbents.

That’s just fine with him, and nobody will accuse Djou of being ill-prepared. “The only way I know how to campaign is running a race where I’m down by two points and closing in,” he said in a recent interview with the Fix.

This is after all the man who, when it looked like Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) would run for governor, decided to start his campaign three years in advance of the vote.

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